Hardware goes up in smoke

Past experiences with Customer Service could be a challenge, difficulties contacting companies, maze like IVR’s, lack of tools to take control & little, to no empathy.

However, things are & have changed. Innovations in off premise software such as Genesys Cloud has opened the door to a new era of customer experience. Today, most are quite familiar with the term “The Cloud”. It’s hard not to notice the direction we are going when storing data, but why? What are the benefits compared to legacy systems?

Every contact made is unique in many ways. Omni-Channel in the Contact Centre has dawned the age of social media agents. Millennials increasing demand to use services such as; Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter for contact have forced organisations to adapt & cater for all preferred channels or lose customers through frustrating communication tactics.

With the evolution of Contact Centre as a Service, companies are utilising the power of Genesys Cloud. The built-in voice/text analytics, WFO & Omni-channel features support businesses in reducing handling time, contacts required & managing the work-force effectively. Holistic views of analytics, effortless communication & a seamless service across multiple channels; gives agents everything they need to operate.

Benefits of Genesys Cloud

Easy to deploy, live system

Deploying Genesys Cloud is very simple & only requires a web browser for access. Platforms are continuously updated & don’t need down time; Contact Centre operations remain continuous.

Scale operations

Leverage the power of AWS & scale up your work-force; add agents to compensate for peak demand, seasonal trends & scale back down again instantly, with capacity for 20-5000 agents.

Integration & Unified systems 
Seamless integration into Genesys Cloud from well-known platforms such as; SalesForce, ZenDesk, Slack, Gnatta, eMite & more, you can unify your systems & bring the business together through a clean IT architecture.

Omni-Channel & Historical Data
Allowing your customers to deal with your company at any time, on any device, through any channel, easily, quickly, intuitively. Connecting all channels into one platform means agents can remain up to date with conversational history, giving the agent the tools for a knowledge based conversation.

When implementing Genesys Cloud & deciding upon your IT specialist consultants, you will be looking for a few key factors; trust, knowledge, capability & innovations.

Delivering Genesys Cloud

Building an Eco system for their partners to grow & develop Genesys Cloud, acrinax, a trusted Genesys partner have made their mark on the global Contact Centre industry. With over 200 built Contact Centres we have supported clients such as; AO.com, Ovo Energy, MetroBank, Domestic & General, MyPolicy & Weetabix with specialist consultation & transformation projects.

acrinax is extremely devoted in delivering best in class technology, consultation, IT deployment & 24/7 technical support when creating engaging customer experiences with its clients. From start to finish & beyond, we support your business with training & developing your platform until you become self sufficient in managing your Contact Centres software.

If you want to know more about cloud contact centres, artificial intelligence, contact centre analytics, or any of the research/topics discussed in this article please contact ​richard.bird@acrinax.com or call him on 07960 285 338.

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