Why are contact centres missing a trick with Centennials?

A new generation has arrived, the Centennial army of savvy, self aware consumers armed to the hilt with technology. Born around the millenium, they are the first generation to be native with mobiles and since the beginning of their lives they have been connected to the world through their fingertips.

Although Centennials behaviours have been heavily influenced by Millenials (known as the FaceBook generation), they have rejected FaceBook in light of more visually stimulating platforms; such as Instagram or SnapChat. It is becoming more and more apparent that companies need to be active on Social Media channels where Centennials spend a lot of time.

Being ever indulged by the Internet, Centennials have less Brand loyalty than pre-deccesors and most definitely read customer reviews before making purchases. It is suggested that a Centennial will read four online reviews before making any purchase and what a Centennial finds on the Internet can make or break their decision to purchase.

Although Millenials have paved the way for multi channel communications, Centennials will almost certainly force communications away from the phone. Demanding interactions via social media or other internet based chat platforms; Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

Increasing the demand for an exceptional service pre, during and post purchase is going to force Contact Centres to implement a robust Omni-channel strategy. Providing your organisation with the necessary tools to deliver an outstanding Customer Experience and communicate effectively with the target audience.

Growing up in a world of immediately available resources has meant companies will be put under pressure to resolve incidents with speed and efficiency. With the average attention span of 8 seconds, it doesn’t take long before a Centennial has had enough of your company.

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