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Who are Omilia?

The Omilia Conversational AI Self-Service Solution is the only AI solution in the market today that can boast not 1 but at least 33 production-grade contact centers globally, bringing unique advantages to enterprises looking to employ voice/speech or text virtual agents.

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Founded in 2002 by Dimitris and Pelias, literally out of their garage, Omilia started as a contact center integrator, building solutions on top of 3rd party software.

In 2015 Omilia entered the North American market, and in 2016 deployed the first ever truly Conversational Virtual Agent solution for one of the largest and most innovative banks in the country.

Today Omilia is working with a number of financial, insurance and telecom organisations around the world, who offer their customer-base a truly user-friendly, effective, omni-channel self-service solution; an elevated Customer Experience while slashing operating costs.

Omilia Virtual Assistant applications are truly omnichannel as they are developed once and leveraged horizontally, providing a seamless, end-to-end conversational experience across channels, including IVR, social messengers, web chat, smart speakers, mobile app, email and SMS. 

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One platform, one integration – all channels, all formats; same impeccable conversational experience on all of them.

The combining expertise of Omilia and acrinax will enable customer obsessed organisations in the U.K. to weave natural language self-service AI seamlessly into their CX IT Infrastructure.

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Omilia's ambitions

Omilia is a dynamic innovator and have already excelled themselves within their market, achieving a world record in speech recognition – word error rate (4.26%). But Omilia’s performance doesn’t stop there! The company has scored more than 96% Semantic Accuracy and more than 90% Task Completion Rate!

We are in the business of destroying IVR as a legacy experience, and reinventing it as the new, digital channel... with not just technology; there is a portion of Art behind what we do.

Dimitris Vassos, CEO, Omilia

we are acrinax

acrinax are a specialist IT service desk and contact centre systems integrator. 

acrinax design, build, implement and support IT service desks and contact centres for the U.Ks most customer eccentric businesses – including:, OVO Energy, Domestic & General and more.

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acrinax and Omilia deliver world class Ai self service solutions on the Genesys Cloud customer experience platform

Introducing the partnership is a huge step towards tomorrow's self service Artificial Intelligence

acrinax always wants to enable our customers access to the world’s very best and innovative technologies; integrated through meticulous consultation, bespoke strategy and supported 24×7 by our award winning service desk team.

The combination of Omilia’s AI self service capabilities, the Genesys Cloud customer experience system and acrinax’s experience within the IT service desk and contact centre industry is going to pave the way for disruptive self-service solutions AI in the U.K.

If you would like to know more about how you can leverage Omilia’s Conversational AI, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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