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acrinax customer experience technology

The drastic shift to a 'proper' digitally connected world - 2020.

Our expectations as customers have drastically changed too, we expect more, way more.

Customers expect (at the least): to connect with businesses when needed, to be able to do so on their preferred channel and customers expect a resolution – promptly too.

Not only that, we expect it to be done with empathy, respect for the individual and socially distanced in some instances.

The list could go on…

Now, imagine a new world, where contact centres run so smoothly that you feel more than ‘satisfied’ after every interaction — a world where contact centre agents are more than happy to go to work each day and handle numerous problems (& moaners) for up to 8 hours more or less.

The Genesys Cloud solution makes that world possible

Thousands of customer-centric and employee focused businesses around the globe are already using this easy, all-in-one contact centre solution to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Genesys Cloud logo

The Genesys Cloud customer engagement solution is a cloud platform designed to meet the continuously changing needs of a modern contact centre and business.

Genesys Cloud offers:

  • intelligent multichannel handling,
  • dynamic IVR and self-service options,
  • quality management, analytics
  • scheduling and much more.

The platform allows you to quickly be independent in the configuration and management of the solution, to allow agility in making changes to your customer management operation and seamlessly integrates to the latest and most innovative technologies.

Not only is the platform feature rich, Genesys Cloud offers transparency, insight, innovation, security, resilience and a future proof solution to keep Genesys Cloud customers ahead of the curve.

Alright then, how?

The platform leverages Agile Development and Continuous Deployment practices where new services are developed and deployed on a weekly basis.

Customers benefit directly from these updates by simply refreshing the browser. Vital for maintaining business continuity and creating a future proof environment for contact centre operations to grow.

Not only that, customers have access to the Genesys AppFoundry (a market of solutions). A place where businesses can discover, research, and connect with a broad range of customer service applications, integrations and services that instantly address the challenges of a modern contact centre.

we are acrinax

acrinax is built on a team of experienced contact centre consultants, who have completed projects ranging from large corporate transformations, to disruptive new entrants and household names.

We partnered with Genesys to work together in designing, building, integrating, consulting and supporting contact centres for the U.Ks most disruptive and customer focused businesses.

We firmly believe that there isn’t a customer engagement platform that can match the out-of-the-box functionality Genesys Cloud provides. Combined with acrinax’s value adding expertise, our IT solutions provide the CX IT infrastructure your business needs to be a customer focused market leader.

“The seamless shift of the contact centre from the office to remote locations using the acrinax deployment of Genesys was unbelievable. We are seeing amazing results from our agents working remotely and continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers throughout what has been a period of huge disruption for retail”.

Mr David Atherton, Director of Customer Experience,

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acrinax customer experience technology

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