Is This The New Age for Service Desks?

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Is This The New Age for Service Desks?

In recent years there has been a lot of buzz about how Service Desks are changing with a view to increased automation, AI, chat bots etc. This is something that can add tremendous capacity and value and quite rightly, is something the industry is very excited about.

No-one needs to really expand on recent events around Covid-19 but from conversations I have had with my contacts recently, the human side of the Service Desk has been more valuable than ever. The need to be flexible and adaptable have for many, taken the Service Desk into another era, certainly in terms of the value to the organisation.

IT departments all over the world have been deeply impressive in recent months. They have flexed and adapted very quickly to make sure organisations have the ability to be able to work from home, even if that’s not usually how they work.

There was a huge need to increase capacity and ensure people had the right equipment to do their jobs from home. This often involved a hugely co-ordinated effort involving multiple teams to ensure customers are provided with laptops, monitors, even desks and chairs in some organisations. And of course Business Continuity has really shown its value.

Even though it’s something Service Desks have had the ability to do for many years now, the dependency on remote support has been absolutely crucial throughout the pandemic. For many organisations, remotely supporting staff away from the office has had to be given new priority as the option of waiting to see someone face to face was no longer available.

Hardware interventions have proven to be trickier still. In line with the Public Health England 72 hour guidelines, arrangements have needed to be made to swap out equipment in a more complex manner. Simon, the Head of IT Operations for a large public organisation explained to me how they have made that work.

“ The Service Desk arranged to go into the office to get stock, build the laptop and make sure the equipment was ready to go. The Service Desk would then arrange a handover of the equipment with the customer after 72 hours, to ensure the hardware was not contaminated.

There would then be a socially distanced handover/support session with the customer to ensure they could use the equipment effectively. It’s been more complicated, but helped the Service Desk ensure that safety was paramount while still being able to effectively support the customer. ”

Simon, Head of IT.

We believe that Service Desks have shown again just how valuable they are. Sometimes Human Factors are absolutely essential, with the ability to reassure, go above and beyond and ensure enough flex to make sure they are meeting the needs of the organisation, especially in times of unprecedented need.

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