How much do teams suffer when language becomes a barrier to effective communication?

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Empower teams on different continents, in different languages and improve understanding

acrinax launch a Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Teams integration, which enables real time multi-language chat translation between platforms.

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We continue to move towards a globalised business world and it is becoming common to segment business operations around the globe (saving time, money or for quality purposes). Operations becoming segmented by Geography doesn’t mean they have to be decentralised by nature.

Communication between parties is the backbone of the modern world and people or teams become isolated when they can’t communicate with one another.

But, translators can be time consuming and employing bilingual agents comes at an expense.

That’s why acrinax has recently released a real time chat translator that is a cost effective and engaging solution to overcome the challenge of communicating in different languages.

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acrinax chat is a real time, multilingual chat translator for global enterprise businesses.

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The platform allows your agents to respond to customer or user queries in any language, through a simple Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Teams integration. Built within a single instance, acrinax chat removes the need for multiple applications and works cloud to cloud, or across hybrid cloud/on premise systems.

A simple integration allows you to 

  • Empower teams on different continents, in different languages to improve understanding. Accelerating projects, relationships and problem resolution.
  • Enable a centralised, single language help desk, to support staff anywhere in the world in any of 106 languages.
  • Equip your highly trained contact centre agents with the ability to converse in the customers language of choice.

Built-in quality control includes the original language and the translated language, enabling bi-lingual agents to choose to respond how they wish, creating an agile and agent friendly environment.

struggling to understand what your customers are saying?

find out how we can help.

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