We're acrinax, a team of customer obsessed innovators, who have vast experience in contact centres, cx technology and IT Operations. And who love nothing more than a juicy challenge and a happy client.

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What our employees can expect from us

We will provide direction, transparent lines of communication, correct tools and resources to enable employees to perform their duties awesomely and exceed our customers’ expectations. We will provide a team environment where feedback and personal growth is encouraged, recognised and rewarded.

What we ask of you, our employees

Commit to working with PASSION , PROFESSIONALISM, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION.  Delivering operational EXCELLENCE at all times and instil a CULTURE of OPENNESS to maintain TRUST.  Values will be cascaded in order to EMBED our company Values – Grow, Flourish and Prosper.

Aj B&W

Andrew Jacobs (aj)

Client Technology

20 years building contact centres brings it’s strength and its scars.  Reads minds. Builds omni-channel platforms before breakfast.

Damian Bowen

IT operations

We call him Mr IT Operations. Manages our 24 x 7 service desk, service team and our partners, helps clients manage theirs.  Sleeps with his phone sellotaped to his head in case clients need him. 

David Baughan

Client services

 Loves a customer experience transformation challenge. A dab hand at keeping things simple.   Often found singing (badly) to people when they ring him. 

lee brooker

Business Development Manager

You can’t see his ears, but trust us, they’re enormous. Good for listening to clients challenges.  You can’t see his brain either, but that’s where he finds the answers.

sam swann

Sam Swann

Top Service Delivery Manager

Happy clients and nothing less. Speaks fluent engineer, business and DBA.  Can charm a telco into a swift response (I know right).

Hamish Cliff

Principal CX & PMO consultant

Has more arrows in his quiver than R. Hood. 25 years in contact centres and has successfully delivered over 100,000 seats of customer delight, not that he’s counting. 

emma faller

Principal IT Operations Consultant

Once juggled seven service desks with her bare hands. Happiest when elbows deep implementing, adapting and improving IT Operations. 

chanel wilson


Our very own ‘first responder’, can calm a storm with a smile.  Magically appears just when you need her, and always keeps her promises. 

Vic Patel

Service Operations Manager

A highly trained Genesys engineer. He now carefully tends to our platoon of awesome tier 1 and 2 service desk analysts. Never blames the network.  Always texts back.

Simon gillespie

Principal Technology Consultant

Only Mr Potter has more magic than our very own Captain of Integration.  Makes light work of square pegs and round holes. 

Flavio Messina

Principal Technology Consultant

Converts business challenges into IT outcomes just by looking at them.  Wears beautiful suits when we let him.

lorraine B&W

Lorraine Smith

Business Admin Manager

Looking after us all, she’s in charge of ‘right first time’, and is often heard saying “Is that what the clients wants?” (has a black belt in karate)

richard bird


Obsessive about our customers and what floats their boats.  His favourite phrase is “how can we do more”.  Does Expert Sudoku.



Project Manager

Creates a productive, enjoyable environment and will encourage a bit of singing in meetings to keep the joy. Always builds a plan everyone can get behind.

Contact centre guardians of the universe beamed down from Quadron C-X3.14159 to disrupt and eliminate all CX wrong doings. Secretly developed sci-fi customer experience platforms implemented with 1 billion years combined experience. We know the future – so you don’t have to.

10 Bloomsbury Way, 
London, WC1A 2SL

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0330 380 1011

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