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The Omilia Conversational AI Self-Service solution includes everything a business needs to address their omni-channel customer experience strategy, with impressive cost-savings and improved customer experience across voice and digital channels. 

The Omilia solution provides a seamless human-like conversational experience for self-service across all modern channels. Founded in 2002 by Dimitris and Pelias, literally out of their garage, Omilia started as a contact centre integrator, building solutions on top of 3rd party software.

Today, Omilia is a pivotal solution for a number of financial, insurance and telecom organisations around the world, who offer their customer-base a truly user-friendly, effective, omni-channel self-service solution; an elevated Customer Experience while slashing operating costs.

We are in the business of destroying IVR as a legacy experience, and reinventing it as the new, digital channel... with not just technology; there is a portion of Art behind what we do.

Dimitris Vassos, CEO, Omilia ​

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Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition engine leverages the most advanced forms of Deep Learning, achieving unprecedented accuracy in recognition
Omilia’s deepASR® was developed to offer our customers a complete solution for natural language understanding while also focusing on the return on investment of the project. Since the legacy ASR providers offered sub-par speech-to-text solutions at ridiculously high prices, developing a proprietary ASR engine was the key to bringing bottom line value to our clients operations.

Voice Biometrics

Authenticate customers via their unique biometric voice-print, in the background as they speak freely with the Virtual Agent.
Easier Customer Experience with no traditional security questions. Streamlined and seamless authentication process. No need to remember a passphrase. No need to say same information every time

Unified Solution

One platform, one integration – all channels, all formats; same impeccable conversational experience on all of them.
One platform, one integration – all channels, all formats; same impeccable conversational experience on all of them.
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Developer Tools

Build brand-unique natural language applications for customer care with highly engaging user experiences and human-like conversational interactions.
With Conversation Studio® you can create, manage and edit conversational scenarios within minutes, and build advanced dialogs to manage the conversation flow with customers.

Anti Fraud

DiaManT® Anti-Fraud mechanisms provide detection capabilities for proactive end-to-end fraud prevention with 360° closed-loop Anti-Fraud.
Fraud Prevention mechanisms are built into the natural language conversational application, meaning that DiaManT® can challenge the caller with additional security questions, in addition to the biometric voiceprint score, as well as analyse various call/session characteristics.

Business Insights

Take advantage of 100% transparency into the operational performance of your virtual agent and leverage the data generated improvements.
Visualise all the data generated from customer interactions with DiaManT® for business discovery of what customers are actually saying, with detailed Topic and Sentiment Analysis on natural language feedback.
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Omilia conversational intelligence

develop once, deploy everywhere

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omilia technology stack

The DiaManT® platform provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omni-channel conversational experience, acting as a single-point of integration with enterprise systems for driving conversational dialogs on all channels.

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Omilia AI solution

Omilia’s deepNLU® Engine makes it possible to understand customer requests and intents with human-like accuracy. Because the engine is context aware and retains memory, it is capable of running entire end-to-end conversations with customers.

Omilia’s xPert® Packages come with a fully pre-loaded intelligent Virtual Agent providing out-of-the-box recognition and understanding of all key concepts for a specific domain and language.

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client results

omilia customer experience results

Vodafone Greece was the first flagship launch of Omilia Technology in year 2010 and a landmark for NLU technology, since it was there that Omilia’s Dialogue Manager was used for the first time. Since then the portal has successfully serviced millions of customer every year, and has received the BITE AWARD for innovation in customer service.

“The DiaManT platform has allowed much friendlier self-service of customers, with benefits seen around first call resolution (in sending the customer to the right person the first time), reduction of internal call transfers, adoption of automated services within the IVR environment and improving customer IVR experience. The use of open language model has opened up capabilities that traditional DTMF environments restrict.


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