What we do is simple, we drive customer experience, efficiency and revenue through the application of strategy, process improvement and technology.

Contact Centre & Customer Experience

CX strategy

defining a usable strategy you can present to your board, with an as-is, to be and migration plan, we’ll build a business case and action plan to deliver your required outcomes and  objectives 

CX transformation

end-to-end design, project management, implementation, integration, configuration, management and support for your entire CX technology ecosystem


combining voice, web chat, email twitter, FB, webchat & chatbot to deliver a frictionless customer experience 

speech and text analytics

analytics enables the analyse of millions of calls, emails, web chats and tweets to discover customer insights and improve contact centre performance.  Nothing informs more about your business than analysing your customer interactions. 

desktop analytics

understanding what happens at the desktop, drives efficiencies. It also allows process automation and wfm in the back office.

Performance management

from delivering well organised data to your management team in a format they can use, to gamification for customer facing staff, Performance management has stepped up recently.

automated quality management

using speech and text analytics to automate 90% of your quality assessment process across EVERY customer interaction, saving valuable QA resource and identifying every training and compliance issue.

Work force optimisation

effective WFM now has to contend with social channels, back office processing and blended inbound/outbound which creates a whole new resourcing challenge. You ready?

hosting, telecoms & networks

your technology ecosystems has to live somewhere, let us worry about Gcloud, AWS, Azure, the bearers and the SIP.

IT Operational Management

IT operations strategy

defining a usable strategy for your CTO, with an as-is, to be and sensible migration plan and action plan which drives value through IT Operations into the business

it operations transformation

service strategy, design, build and management – whether it’s formal ITIL or something agile and bespoke for your business and IT needs, we can transform your IT Ops to deliver value.

it operations design and build

from complex service desks, to simple processes, we can design and build a part of your IT Operations function.


the modern business has many providers, suppliers, vendors and partners. A complex web of communication and responsibilities. We can advise and build it in the way to best suit your requirements, resources and skills.

managed services

sometimes it’s best to concentrate on what you do best and let someone else manage the mundane. We’re happy delivering low cost scale or niche expertise.


choosing a partner to trust your vital IT services, can be a confusing smorgasbord, let our experienced procurement team help you cut through the cheese.


outsourcing not only requires the right partner who can deliver your promise, it also demands your processes are nailed down before you start. 

TSIA outcome chains

a proven structured format for delivering outcomes to your IT Operations team, the business and your consumer

cloud strategy

it’s confusing right? What capabilities are being delivered, what services do you use to deliver them and how best should this be deployed. We can help.


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