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acrinax believe the Genesys Cloud is the one and only contact centre platform for all industries
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why are contact centres opting for the feature rich, highly compatible and cloud based platform? 
That allows you to communicate effortlessly, manage your workforce remotely and scale your operations instantly…



leveraging the powerful Genesys cloud you have access to powerful and rapid scalability. You can make agile operational changes based upon the demand for your services

remote working

remote working

deliver the employee experience your employees deserve. Enabling your staff to work remotely improves employee morale, efficiency and your business continuity

road map

road map

at acrinax we love supporting ambitious, disruptive and innovative projects. We strive for your growth, and deliver thorough consultation and future strategy planning.

customise your platform

an all in one customer experience platform should do exactly that, be all in one and customised. The flexibility of Genesys Cloud means you choose the tools and resources that you need for your business and don’t pay for tools that you don’t use.

scale your operations

as your business needs grow, your operations become more complex, Genesys Cloud gives you the ability to add new functionalities and pivot to meet the evolving expectations of your customer.

omni channel

Customers have access to powerful technologies and assume businesses to keep up. Having a robust omni channel strategy to communicate effortlessly across all your customers channels is essential. 

leverage cloud capabilities​

Leveraging the cloud enables you full control of your resource management, reduces costs in every area and gives you the option to scale up and down, meeting seasonal demands.

workforce management​

Simplify the management and forecasting process with Pure Cloud’s powerful built in WFM features and optimise your agents performance. Manage shift trades, scheduling and real time adherence.

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We’re Out Of Office (Wooo!) provides contact centre operational consulting and business process outsourcing for customer contact and back office operations. They use innovative working-pattern, contract and location flexibility to provide cost-effective, high quality and adaptable services for clients. 

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