We love our partners, seriously we do they're great, we selected them
as carefully as they selected us. And we only work with world class operators.​

The undisputed #1 provider of contact centre software in the world. These guys and gals invented omni-channel and delivering effortless customer engagement.

acrinax design, install, configure and support some of the most customer focused Genesys users in the UK. From 55 seats to 2,000 (although Genesys can handle 10 seats to 10,000)

Put your customer first with the #1 cx platform.

"acrinax have proved themselves over and over a valuable partner to Genesys due to the obsessive way they look after their customers, if you are considering a new contact centre, you couldn’t be in safer hands”
John Bell
UK Channel Alliance Director, Genesys

Efficiency and Actionable Intelligence is the driving force of the modern contact centre and Verint are the masters. From Speech Analytics to omni-channel wfm, it’s all about usable, relevant actionable data driving the right decisions.

acrinax design cx stratgies, implement and manage the technology for award winning contact centres, and when we do, Verint is usually there with us.

Smart people. Cool technology.

"acrinax have an innate ability to understand a business from the inside - out, building strategies that champion the customer and their clients”
This is an image of Chris Szala of Verint, our partners
Chris Szala
Vice President, Sales (UK, Middle East, South Africa)

The Omilia conversational AI self service solution includes everything an enterprise needs to address their omni channel customer experience strategy, with impressive cost savings and improved customer experience across voice and digital channels.

"we always look for partners that share our passion for exceptional customer experience. What differentiates acrinax is their commitment in delivering innovative solutions that take customer experience to the next level”
Karlos Gikas profile picture
Karolos Gikas
Business Development Director, Europe.

What Gnatta don’t know about manageing your customers social interactions probably isn’t worth knowing. Whether it’s FaceBook, Twitter, Trustpilot, Whatsapp, Instagram they manage it for some of the biggest names in retail in the UK. And all those Centennials and Millenials can’t be wrong.

acrinax integrate Gnatta into CRM, telephony and wfm to create omni-channel on a whole new level.

Making customer conversations frictionless.

"David, Aj, Damian and the team have a great understanding of social engagement management, they have continuously demonstrated ways to integrate these channels into the traditional channels of voice, email and webchat”
Picture of our friend Jack Barmby, Gnatta
Jack Barmby
Founder and CEO

eMite correlates and combines data from multiple business sources into tailored, real-time dashboard reports, so you can make better decisions faster.

Get actionable insight in seconds, not months.

"sharing knowledge with acrinax is always a pleasure, they almost understand Real Time Analytics as well as I do"
Stephen Irecki, eMite
Stephen Irecki
Director, Global Customer Operations

The inventors of cost efficient telecoms for the contact centre. Lines, minutes, non-geos and everything which makes it all work. Flexible products, simple pricing, lovely people to do business with.

"acrinax are never afraid to experiment with new telecommunication strategies, disrupting legacy beliefs one by one”
Dan Eddowes - Gamma Technologies
Dan Eddowes
Technology Specialist