Real time chat translation

acrinax chat is a solution for the global enterprise
enabling agents to effortlessly communicate in 100+ unique languages

Genesys Cloud & Microsoft Teams

Connecting the worlds leading communication platforms through a simple cloud based integration.

Real-Time Chat Translation

That's right! Real-time chat translation for the Global Enterprise

Unified Cloud Based Solution

Resilient, robust and unified! acrinax chat is built upon simplicity and efficiency for immediate and proactive implementation.

we continue to move towards a globalised business world

For global businesses and teams to operate as one. Team members contribution can be limited by their language skills, rather than the technical skills required by the project.

For helpdesks and contact centres to be efficient, they need the minimal number of staff per customer. When the customers come from anywhere in the world, language availability becomes the key challenge to efficiency.

A lack of communication can cause teams to become isolated from the business, moving along their own path and towards conflicting objectives. 

acrinax chat is a real-time multilingual translation application, supercharging business efficiency and driving effortless end user experience.

You can connect your Genesys Cloud and Microsoft Team users, in any language, enabling staff of different languages to chat, seamlessly.

A simple integration allows you to 

  • Empower teams on different continents, in different languages to improve understanding. Accelerating projects, relationships and problem resolution.
  • Enable a centralised, single language helpdesk, to support staff anywhere in the world in any of 108 languages.
  • Equip your highly trained contact centre agents with the ability to converse in the customers language of choice.

This simple cloud based technology, integrates the reach of Microsoft Teams, with the customer handling powers of Genesys Cloud. Bringing companies, customers and ideas together.

Genesys U.K.

Customer Experience

The aim of the game! acrinax chat is the foundation your business and customers need to be left feeling the love.

Effortless Chat

Easy as 1 2 3 A B C. You can communicate with anyone in the world and through your Native language!

Reduced Costs

Tired of uncontrollable translation costs? acrinax chat is built to deliver maximum output for minimum cost.

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fluently communicate in 106 languages with Genesys Cloud
and Microsoft Teams

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The easy, all-in-one contact centre solution. Connecting phone, email, chat and social in one seamless tool.

superhuman employees

Multilingual agents effortlessly communicate in 106 unique languages.

Supporting the highest standards of customer experience on the Global stage.

Your agents capacity to deliver exceptional results grows as you shift your focus to the development of new and high level skills.

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