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why are contact centres opting for the feature rich, highly compatible, cloud based platform that allows you to communicate effortlessly, manage your workforce remotely and scale your operations instantly..?

omni channel

Omni Channel

Customers have access to powerful technologies and assume businesses to keep up. Having a robust omni channel strategy to communicate effortlessly across all your customers channels is essential. 

Full integration into your communication infrastructure allows agents to maintain a contextual and knowledge based conversation, coupled with the correct tools for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

leverage cloud capabilities​

Leverage Cloud Capabilities​

Leveraging the cloud enables you full control of your resource management, reduces costs in every area and gives you the option to scale up and down, meeting seasonal demands.

Disaster recovery is an element of cloud hosting that allows for business continuity, plan B servers connect to your contact centre and keep your operations online when necessary.

workforce management​

Workforce Management​

Simplify the management and forecasting process with Pure Cloud’s powerful built in WFM features and optimise your agents performance. Manage shift trades, scheduling and real time adherence.

acrinax obsession with cloud and when it’s right to jump on the band-wagon

okay, you’ve come to the decision that a cloud based customer experience platform is the way forward. You’ve highlighted some of your key challenges and need to source the correct partner to implement your ideas and make you an IT transformation GOD. 

well, there’s a reason why some of the most customer obsessed and disruptive companies are partnering with acrinax on their contact centre strategy. acrinax consistently challenge, innovate and disrupt the market with new ideas and solutions to overcome challenges.

although, we don’t stop there, our 24/7 support team are always on hand for a late night Gnatta. Alongside our in-house team of technical experts who consistently discover, expand and implement new innovations to keep our clients ahead of the game. 

Genesys Cloud partnered with acrinax value adding expertise gives you the design, project management and support required to transform and deliver a cloud based omni channel contact centre. Meticulous consultation shines light on your challenges and we guide you to discover a platform that’s feature rich, resilient and architected to solve your challenges.



leveraging the powerful Genesys cloud you have access powerful and rapid scalability, so you can make agile operations changes based upon the demand for your services

remote working

remote working

delivering the customer experience you need doesn't only stem from technology. Enabling your staff to work remotely improves employee morale, efficiency and your business continuity

road map

road map

at acrinax we love supporting ambitious and disruptive projects. We strive for your growth, and deliver through meticulous consultation and strategy planning
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Genesys PureConnect Customer Engagement

PureConnect by Genesys is a unified Customer Engagement platform, designed to be on or off premise, dependant on your requirements. Unifying communications across your company reduces complexity, simplifies administration, improves efficiency and reduces total cost of ownership. This can all be achieved without disrupting existing systems - key to ensuring a consistent customer experience.

scale your operations

as your business needs grow, your operations become more complex, PureConnect gives you the ability to add new functionalities and pivot to meet the evolving requirements of your customer and agent.

customise your platform

an all in one customer experience platform should do exactly that, be all in one and customisable. The flexibility of PureConnect means you choose the tools and resources that you need for your business and don’t pay for tools that you don’t use.

own your hardware

having an on premise solution gives you complete control, your data, hardware and platforms are all yours. Allowing you to take charge of updates and configuration.

social media interaction management

lock up your DM’s, turn off your likes, lock up the backdoor & run for your life – The CX man is back in town & social media’s sticking around

okay, so we all know social media, it’s uses, but not so much it’s outlining purpose. The last 20 years our digital society has been moving towards an ever increasing social internet. We’ve been flirting with social media for some time and the power major platforms possess is apparent. Studies show that the number of Centennials and Millennial’s opting to contact companies through digital channels is on the rise; as consumer technology evolves and the ways in which we communicate multiplies – your customer expects you to keep up.

with persistent evolution and pioneering techniques of social media usages, we find manifestations in different areas of our lives uncontrollably. Well, it’s about time you took control. Give your social media team purpose, by implementing a solution designed to solve the complexities of handling large volumes of internet communication touch points – in one unified place.

enhancing your contact centre operations with a robust omni channel strategy has never been easier, with easy to use platforms you can correlate data across all channels and give your operator a holistic view of the customer. Vital elements that support delivering exceptional customer experience; today, tomorrow and yesterday.

take control of your contact centres social media traffic by implementing a platform known as Gantta; architected to handle the infinite customer journey possibilities. A social media management tool guaranteed to support your team in realising their CX potential. Your customer’s journey is constantly evolving, and that means new data all the time. Gnatta works directly with your systems to ensure your records are kept up to date, and provides relevant information to your customers automatically when they need it.

Verint work force optimisation

as the workforce grows, processes become outdated, saving time and effort becomes paramount – welcome, workforce management.

workforce management underpins what you do fundamentally, helps shape your future business and supports lifestyle balance. Work force management gives you the vision to execute decisions based on high level data, increase productivity with organisation and improve customer experience via coaching, staffing and performance solutions.

work force management gives your contact centre the ability to effectively plan appropriately skilled staff to meet the demands of customers on all touch points. Scheduling, forecasting and a holistic visibility of management operations, work-load and agent availability.

speech & text analytics

speech & text analytics

Nothing can tell you more about your business than analysing your customer calls. Call recordings can become a gold mine of rich insights about customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance and campaign effectiveness.

work force management

work force management

Predicting the future is an art but making smarter decisions isn’t, with the easy-to-use - out-of-the box, Verint WorkForce Management tool, you can begin making smarter decisions for the future - now.

performance management​

performance management

With Verint Performance Management, you can gain insight into what employees are doing, how effectively they’re performing, and where they excel or need to sharpen their skills. The solution can even trigger coaching and training sessions to help them do so.

work force management supports your customer experience

Happy workers

improve employee morale

increased transparency and communication in the employee and manager relationship improves employee engagement plus satisfaction.

Employees working together


manage all unique touch points with single step to multiple step, adhering to differing levels of service.

operational agility logo

operational agility

automate simple tasks and quickly respond to fluctuating customer demands. Control the availability and scheduling of your workforce in various locations, coinciding with their skills, proficiencies and general operations.

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